About Us

FesTek is an event management platform, with its roots in the festival culture. As an event coordinator and programmer for the last decade. I’ve spent many tedious hours copy and pasting from spreadsheets. I dreamed of having a professional system to take the headache out of data management and event organization, and started building FesTek to manage by own events.

We are a small team, building from the ground up, and as quickly as we can. We love working with events and we specialize in creating unique and customized systems to meet your event needs.

Currently we are more focused on the software development and less on our marketing side. Hence a very plain website 😉

We value feedback and are continually updating and making improvements to our offerings. If we don’t have a feature you need, just ask. We have a long road map of desired features, and adjust our priorities to fit with our customers needs.


We are currently focused on:

Check-in, Volunteer, Crew and Meal Management.

And have plans to add:

Artist/Music, Presenter/Workshops, Equipment and Vendor Management


Contact us today to learn how we can support your event.