What We Do

Volunteer Management

Manage your whole volunteer team from receiving applications, collecting deposits, scheduling shifts, and more.

Setup and Receive Customized Volunteer Applications – Simple or complex we got you covered. 

Review applications – Filter your volunteers by your own criteria, make notes, before deciding to invite them in. Easily allow multiple people to review applicants.

Volunteer Workflow – Quickly view the status of every volunteer with the workflow pipeline. The basic workflow is: Active > Accepted > Confirmed > Role > Shift. Add custom stages to your volunteer workflow.

Crews, Roles, and Shifts – Create crews, add roles/positions, assign shifts to each role. Assign volunteers to these crews/roles/shifts at will. Automatically assign shifts based on volunteers preferences across an entire role/crew. Track hours worked

Shift Check-in – track your volunteers by shift and hours worked, easily view volunteers with missing shifts, assign notes, advance meals on shift completion to our meal management module.

Automated Emails – FesTek automatically sends personalized emails (mail merge) to all volunteers as their status changes. Review and edit these emails before they go out, and insure your volunteers have all the information they need.

Volunteer Fee’s – Collect fee’s or deposits from your volunteers. Payments are updated seamlessly in the background, so you don’t have to do anything. FesTek has a ticketing service and works with various payment processors to insure your volunteers can pay and you receive these payments quickly and with ease.

Crew Leaders – Quickly and automatically email your crew leaders a list/spreadsheet/pdf of their current volunteers. Email PDF’s of your volunteers applications and personal info to share with others in your event. Though, you can always give them a user account and let them login and review their team, we know that they have enough to do.

Ticketing, Credentials, Meals – Assign credentials (wristbands, parking passes, food vouchers, catered meals, shower passes, etc) directly to a crew role or shift, and let FesTek automatically assign these credentials to volunteers when they are given these roles or shifts.

Reporting – View reports of the data you need when you need it.

Import / Export – Export all your data into spreadsheets, pdf’s

Other Features –

Connect Friends – relate multiple applications together, to insure they have work the same hours.

Red & Yellow flag a volunteer – sets an alert and stops all events until it is cleared, no more emails, cant redeem meals, can’t check in. Easily force a volunteer to resolve any issues.

Tags – Add tags/categories to volunteers to quickly add your own filterable/searchable criteria.

Search previous emails – opens a link in your preferred browser to load your mail client and search for emails related to volunteer specified.

Ask a question – quickly type small notes in volunteers profile that will be emailed to them during the next automated email.

Rate Volunteers – You or your crew leaders can assign a five star rating system or a simple Thumbs Up / Down. This can be used for next years event.

Volunteer Alumni – Maintain a list of all past volunteers, select notes, contact info, crews and ratings. FesTek will notify you if it finds a returning volunteer, allowing you to review the history.

Crew Management

Keep your crew organized with FesTeks CRM (Crew Relationship Management). Allow crew to register themselves, import or manually enter their contact info, meals, credentials, restrictions, notes, assign them to groups/teams/companies. Data is accesible at the box office for quick check-in’s. 

Meal Management

Assign meal vouchers or catered meals to your volunteers and crew. Redeem meals by scanning a barcoded lanyards or voucher, entering an ID number or search for their names. FesTek will verify your crew have a meal authorized to them, track when they redeemed, and allow view reports on this data.


Simplify your Box office by putting all your crew into one system with both live and offline sync access. Check in people as they arrive, review any last minute notes before issuing wristbands and other credentials.